5 Ways To Live Your Best Life With A Disability

5 Ways To Live Your Best Life With A Disability

by Micah James — 22 hours ago in Health 3 min. read

There’s no denying that living with a disability is quite a struggle and can be daunting sometimes. However, you must look past your limitations rather than obsess over the loss.

Though easier said than done, the power lies with you. Disability does not mean you cannot be yourself anymore; you must accommodate this new lifestyle and keep moving toward your desires accordingly!

If you ever feel like it is you against the world, remember that according to research done by WHO in 2023, – approximately 1.3 billion people suffer from significant disabilities globally. This comprises 16% of the world population; in other words,1 in 6 individuals is disabled.

If a part of you is still unsure how to live your best life with a disability, we have rounded up some great ways in this article!

1. Give Yourself Some Time to Accept Your Disability

Of course, you cannot directly jump to complete acceptance; that is neither realistic nor possible. So, take your time to grieve your loss.

You will most likely experience a whirlwind of emotions, from sadness to a sense of loss. Don’t try to hasten the process and let time do its work to fade out the intensity of your emotions.

Once you are done grieving, try to accept your new way of life to keep moving forward and let the past go. Do not dwell on what you were, but try and learn about what more you can do!

Lastly, don’t worry about people’s judgment.

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2. Effective Communication is Key

In such a scenario, effective communication can make things easier for you. If you have a caregiver, it will make things easy for them and for you.

Technology is making progress each day to make things easier for everyone. You can increase your reach for prospects and opportunities by resorting to technology.

For instance, disability phones will allow you to avail the benefits of a phone without using your hands. This will effectively help facilitate communication between you and your friends and family.

Get yourself such a multifaceted gadget. You will enable yourself to experience a newfound means of reaching out to people and making things easier for you and those around you.

3. Seek Support in Every Form Possible

It can be difficult to accept that things you could do independently before are difficult now, if not impossible. Find solace in the relationships that you share with your friends and family.

You need caring people around you to stay positive and hopeful and feel loved. They will also be the people to lend you a shoulder if you need the space and comfort to process your great loss.

However, being surrounded by perfectly-abled people can make you feel different and alone. So, you can join and participate in disability support groups.

This will help you fight your isolation and realize new things about your changed lifestyle that can benefit your progress.

4. Don’t be Ashamed About Needing Help

Often disabled people loathe themselves for depending on others, which further declines their physical and mental health. Realize and accept that asking for help is neither wrong nor bad.

Even abled people sometimes need and ask for help, and this is no different. Instead, if you refuse help, things will become much more difficult for you and others, inhibiting your progress to move on from your sense of loss.

Help does not always have to be physical help. The mental aspect of your health is equally as important. Take your time and seek professional help (if needed) to process this difficult transition.

5. Invest in Things You CAN do

Once you connect with a support group of people with similar disabilities, know about their journey. Find out how they lead life, the changes they experienced, or the professional opportunities you can get despite your issue.

Figure out the best earning opportunities for you and invest in your development. Never think that you will become someone’s burden. With enough willpower, you will find a way out!

Let’s Wrap Up

The new journey is not easy, but it only improves after hitting rock bottom. Disability does not equate to loss of a good chance at life. Look past your shortcomings and instead look around for inspiration. Your goals should not be left undone. Take your time, but keep going!

Micah James

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