AutoGPT: How To Install, Download, & Use In 2023

AutoGPT: How To Install, Download, & Use In 2023

by Alan Jackson — 4 weeks ago in Artificial Intelligence 4 min. read

Have you heard of AutoGPT before reading my blog? Yes, it’s a new buzzword across the internet.

Since the launch of ChatGPT, the world has witnessed the true potential of computing and Artificial Intelligence.

Standard tasks to advanced level can be easily done using the GPT-4 model and its language.

Ironically, it opened a wide scope for developers and computing engineers to train their AI chatbot with their own data and design applications with natural language.

As this constraint is practised at a big scale, the white-collar developers are now working on the next big thing – Autonomous AI Agent.

And in this blog, I’ve talked about one such autonomous AI agent named AutoGPT.

AutoGPT is different from ChatGPT, however, built on top of its LLMs.

Let’s read more about AutoGPT in this blog…!

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What Is AutoGPT & Who Created It?

AutoGPT is no different than ChatGPT, it is mostly a replica with only a few differences.

Think AutoGPT as a tool that lets you work and achieve your commercial goal by enabling LLMs to ideate, plan, and make decisions rationally.

Yes, you got it right. A tool that can automate your task without repetition of prompt or guidance in between.

It is created by an independent developer Toran Bruce Richards and recently released on GitHub including AutoGPT plugins, data, scripts, and supported docs.

The objective of launching AutoGPT across the internet is to make GPT-4 fully autonomous as a part of an experimental project.

Applications Of AutoGPT

Following its predecessor, ChatGPT, the new autonomous AI agent can perform equally and better. With one-time prompt narration, it can perform basic to advanced tasks quickly and accurately.

Here are some potential applications of AutoGPT:

  • Developers can create websites in less time and with minimum effort.
  • Content writers can generate long blog posts with lesser input.
  • Marketing teams can create intensely marketing strategies.
  • Can be used for automating user interaction on websites with products and reviews.
  • Develop conversational interface and chatbots to help achieve complex tasks easily.

Uses one of the most advanced languages, users across the globe are sharing the use cases of AutoGPT.

For example, some AI designer and developer designed ‘Robo GPT’ which can analyse, rewrite, and code.

Another example is ‘E-Commerce GPT’ which can execute most of eCommerce related functions independently.

How To Install AutoGPT On Your Personal Computer?

In this section, learn how to set up Auto GPT on your pc step by step.

There are a total three steps that you need to work on. Those are:

  1. Install Python and Pip
  2. Add API keys to use Auto-GPT
  3. Install Auto GPT

Let’s know each step in detail.

Step 1: Install Python and Pip

  1. Firstly, you need to install the latest version of Python.
  2. Make sure to checkmark “Add python.exe to PATH” option before installing.
  3. Now you have to test Python’s installation. Open Window terminal and run this command; python –version and pip –version

Step 2: Add API keys to use Auto-GPT

  1. Headover to GitHub’s AutoGPT latest release page. Under the Assets section, click on “Source code (zip)” to download the ZIP file.
  2. Now, extract the ZIP file and copy the “Auto-GPT” folder.
  3. Paste the copied folder to your choice of location.
  4. Search within the folder for “.env.template” and open it using Notepad or any text editor.
  5. Visit OpenAI’s website and get the API key. Click on “Create a new secret key” and copy the generated API key.
  6. Move to the text editor and paste the API in the “OPENAI_API_KEY” section.
  7. Visit ‘open’ and create a free account. It is necessary because it will allow the LLM to read relevant information from memory for your next-big AI application.
  8. You need to create an API key. To create click on “Create API Key” which appears in the right panel.
  9. Now you need to provide a name. For eg., name it ‘autogpt’ and click on “Create Key”.
  10. Now, use the copy button to copy the “Key Value”.
  11. Open the text editor and paste it next to PINECONE_API_KEY.
  12. Similarly, copy the value under “Environment and paste it next to PINECONE_ENV.
  13. That’s done. Save the “.env.template” file and rename it to just “.env”

Step 3: Install Auto-GPT on Windows

  1. Head back to the “Auto-GPT” folder and right click to choose “Copy as path“.
  2. Open the Terminal and type “cd”, add a space, and then paste the path you copied above and press Enter. Almost done!
  3. Next, run this command “python -m autogpt”, and it will start Auto-GPT on your system.

That’s Done 🙂

How To Use AutoGPT Autonomous AI Tool?

Well, that’s the only AutoGPT setup guide.

Let’s learn how to use AutoGPT after successful installation in your personal computer.

It is easy to use AutoGPT and create an AI for your commercial or solo work.

Here’s how to use AutoGPT:

  • At the first run, it will ask you to name the AI. For example, I named it ‘MyGPT’
  • Next, you need to define the role of the AI.
  • At this point, set goals for the autonomous AI one by one.
  • It begins analysing or starting thinking. Meanwhile, it may use your browser to collect data.
  • During the process, you can examine what the AI is thinking, reasoning, and planning.

Note: You can also set AI to run continuously without any user’s authorization. To do so, replace ‘n’ with a number. For eg., enter y -5, it means that it will not seek your permission for the next 5 actions.

AutoGPT vs. ChatGPT

In AutoGPT, you can automate the execution of ongoing tasks based on one-time instructions. Whereas, it doesn’t happen with ChatGPT, if it stops during providing results, users need to prompt ‘continue’ or whatever to resume.

AutoGPT can work on bigger tasks such as creating websites or writing articles in one command. Whereas, ChatGPT would require instructions frequently to furnish the relevant information.

Final Thought

The practice of making GPT or LLMs effective for the world, can be seen coming true with the release of AutoGPT. However, it’s a new tool that is designed for experiment, so I can’t be sure to say that ‘it’s a perfect model’.

Concurrently, we can assume that the future of AI is better and expanding gradually than imagined.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AutoGPT available for everyone?

Yes, AutoGPT can be accessed by anyone. But, it's better if you have a bit of knowledge of coding and relevant language.

What can Auto-GPT do?

It can do pretty great work. Addressing problems and answering your questions to autonomously learn and execute what matters next.

Can I use Auto-GPT for free?

Till now, it is free and there is zero information about making it paid.

Are there any limitations of Auto GPT?

As it is just an experimental design, it’s yet to travel a long way to sustain brilliance.

Can I download AutoGPT on my computer?

AutoGPT download is available and can be done by visiting GitHub’s AutoGPT page.

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