Blocked On Snapchat! See What-To-Do, The Fixes, And FAQs

Blocked On Snapchat: Figure Out What-To-Do, The Fixes, and FAQs

by Daniel Abbott — 1 year ago in Mobile Apps 5 min. read

Imagine this, you’re happy and enjoying sharing your snap with your friends to tell them about fun moments you’re doing. Certainly, the next moment, you are searching for them to share your snap and also for some gloppy chatting – but you won’t see them on your list. This scenario leads to one word – blocked on Snapchat!

You thought you just missed it by blinking your eyes! And you again begin searching.

Still…. Not find 🙁

This means ‘you’ve been blocked’ by him/her. At this moment, the term was coined – blocked on Snapchat.

I know it hurts…! But it’s their choice after all.

A standard reason to be blocked by someone on Snapchat could be the ‘no-interest’ factor. Meaning the other Snapchat premium user taking no more interest in your content. Because of violated content or may find it irrelevant.

This blog covers what to do if someone blocked you on Snapchat. What are the fixes to unblock a Snapchat account?

And, eye on some frequently asked questions too.

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What Does The Term ‘Blocked On Snapchat’ Mean?

Blocked on Snapchat means you won’t longer be able to check, see, like, and chat with the person who blocked you on Snapchat. In fact, they won’t appear on the friend list.

However, there is a difference between being ‘blocked by others’ and ‘blocked by you’.

If someone blocked you on a Snapchat, the following things will happen:

  • You won’t receive a snap update notification.
  • You won’t be able to see their profile and likes as well.
  • Their account won’t show up when you search for it.
  • You won’t be able to chat with them.

If you blocked someone on a Snapchat, the following thing will happen:

  • You are able to see their name on your contact list, but they won’t.
  • May you unblock them, but they won’t.
  • You can see their profile (excluding updates), but they won’t.

Let’s move further to know what a Snapchat user can do if they know they have been blocked by their friends.

Blocked On Snapchat: What To Do?

5 things to do when blocked on snapchat

The very first thing that will happen when you know if you’ve been blocked on Snapchat is that you begin to wonder to figure out the ways to confirm the utterance.

To help you, I’ve mentioned all the possible ways to find out if you’re actually blocked on Snapchat.

1. Check Your Friends List or Contacts List

If they don’t block you, their name will appear on the contact list. But, if they do, you possibly won’t see their name. It is the algorithm of Snapchat. If you block, you will see their name on your list, but they won’t.

  • Open Snapchat and go to your Avatar.
  • Swipe down and select ‘My Friend’.
  • Search the name of the friend.

2. Use Snapchat Search Feature

Snapchat comes with a search bar function, similar to Instagram and Facebook. You can search for the person who blocked you on Snapchat. But, it won’t work.

Because, if a user has blocked you, you will still be able to see their name when you search for it. Therefore, it’s typical to tell whether you are blocked on Snapchat by them or not.

Alternately, if you block a friend, you can’t find any trace in the search result.

3. Look For Their Story

Other than the above two methods, this method is 100% working to know someone blocked you on snapchat.

Whether you block the person or are blocked by them, in both scenarios you won’t be able to find their stories. It may be the quickest way to confirm the blocked circumstance.

4. Check Your Message Conversations

Many Snapchat users utter that to know how to see who blocked me on Snapchat, check their recent conversations. If they don’t show up in your chat history, it means you have been blocked.

On the other hand, the majority of people say that if someone blocks you, you can still see their conversation.

Thus, it leads to the conflict to settle down confirmation.

However, you can try one thing, if they show up, try to message them. If you see something like – “failed to send your message” or “tap to try again”, that could mean that you have been blocked.

5. Adhere To Different Snapchat Account

If nothing works for you, this is the final method to figure out how to know if someone blocked you on snapchat. Use different Snapchat accounts and search for their username or full name.

Instead, make a call to your friend and ask them to search for the person whom you might suspect. If your friend is able to message them, like their snap, and see their stories – it means that you were right and the user in question has indeed blocked you.

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Blocked On Snapchat: Know The Fixes!

Welcome to the solution part…!

How do you know when someone blocks you on snapchat is already discussed above.

The solution mentioned here only satisfied the first spectrum of the snag.

There is no fix or solution for the person being blocked by someone or their friends. However, many people create a new account on Snapchat with a fresh name and login credentials to overcome the problem.

But, if you block a person, you can unblock it anytime you want. From different perspectives, most people do it to teach a lesson of dignity and deeds.

Steps to how to unblock someone on Snapchat:

  • Go to your Snapchat profile section
  • Tap on the gear icon to open settings.
  • Scroll to ‘Blocked’ at the very bottom of the screen. You’ll find the name of the people you’ve blocked.
  • To unblock them and see their stories again, tap on “X” next to the username.

Read further to know how to block someone on Snapchat.

Blocked On Snapchat: Top Asked Snapchat Blocked Questions

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat?

The answer to how do you know if someone blocked you on snapchat is when you realise that you won’t be able to message them, see their stories, and can’t find them on your friend list.

How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat?

Googling how to know if someone blocked me on snapchat? How to tell if you’re blocked on snapchat when you are confident about this conviction. Check your Snapchat contact list, check a story, search for their name, send them a message, practices give you no relevant result, and then you can tell you’ve been blocked.

How To See Who Blocked You On Snapchat?

How to see who you blocked on snapchat is tricky and confusing. There are various parameters to confirm before saying ‘that person blocked me.’

How To Block Someone On Snapchat?

How To Block Someone On Snapchat

Open the Snapchat application
Go to the friend list menu. You get by swiping to the right.
Select the person or friend you want to block for a reason.
Select ‘More’ option.
Tap ‘Block’ to block the person until you unblock later on.

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What’s Next!

Snapchat is a fun and charming creation moment to share with your friends and family. It is about sharing happiness with others. While many of them think and use the opposite which leads them to hear about the notion of being ‘blocked on Snapchat’.

Now that you know what to do or deal with how to know if someone blocked you on snapchat, precisely. Share this with your friends, indeed, they tend to themselves into this trap, to tackle the situation knowingly.

Thanks for reading the blog on – how can you tell if someone blocked you on snapchat.

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