How To SEO-Optimize Online Stores To Increase Traffic?

How To SEO-Optimize Online Stores To Increase Traffic?

by Alan Jackson — 1 week ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

Every online store owner wants to increase the profitability of their online business. For this, various methods and techniques are provided, but promotion is the most effective. This is a set of SEO optimization procedures that allow you to attract more target audiences, which significantly increases conversion rates.

It is important to understand that a website audit is a complex multi-step task that professionals must perform. Sometimes inept actions lead to useless waste of the allocated budget. Of course, you can immediately start using targeting or contextual advertising without studying the problem, but these are short-term options for increasing traffic that require a lot of money.

Why do You Need SEO Optimization?

Search promotion is the most reliable and long-term investment in the development of an online store. With the help of SEO, you can significantly increase the number of potential customers and buyers. A competent set of techniques allows you to get constant natural traffic at low material costs.

The main task of SEO is to bring the site to higher positions and expand the list of search queries, which will automatically increase the reach of the audience. An optimized online store is more user-friendly, making it the best among competitors, thus increasing the trust of visitors.

The SEO-promotion complex provides for the achievement of the following goals:

  • bringing the site to a leading position in the search results;
  • expanding the number of thematic queries and coverage;
  • increase in click-through and conversion rates;
  • attracting customers and their retention on the site;
  • Encourage visitors to shop.

And in order to succeed, you need to use effective SEO software and audit tools that will identify optimization problems on the page and improve the performance of the website.

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Stages of Successful SEO-Optimization of an Online Store

Statistics show that people make about half of all purchases through online trading platforms. This indicates high consumer confidence and the relevance of this niche. As for the promotion of the site, it has a common algorithm for all online stores, regardless of trading positions.

Website Technical Audit

Before proceeding to practical actions and techniques, you need to study the resource indicators in detail. First of all, the value of the content, traffic indicators, usability, and other criteria are evaluated. Deep verification and testing allow you to identify weaknesses, errors and develop a further promotion strategy.

Technical SEO plays a critical role in improving website visibility and user experience, and Netpeak Software tools provide comprehensive technical optimization solutions. Moreover, many users think about how to spider a website. Therefore, there are spiders in SEO that can thoroughly study all the nuances of the site and detect inaccuracies.

Competitor Analysis

Almost every online store has competitors with higher traffic rates. It is on them that you should focus on SEO optimization. It is important to understand why they are better and what needs to be done to get around them. The focus is on queries, navigation, functionality, internal structure, etc.

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Internal Optimization

Particular attention should be paid to the images on the site. To increase conversion rates, it is advisable to use only unique or unique photos. In addition, a competent hierarchy of all categories, pages, and products is thought out. They should have logical relationships and transitions to make it easier for the visitor to navigate.

At first glance, it seems that this is all very complicated, but the ability to integrate with other popular SEO tools and platforms makes Netpeak Software products versatile and adaptable to various workflows.

Semantic Core

One of the main factors for successful website promotion is the collection of the semantic core. This is a list of keywords, in accordance with the theme of the online store, which will collect the target audience.

Meta Tags

An important stage of internal optimization is the title and description for all categories, pages, and products. Tags allow you to increase relevance and search engine rankings.


Based on the collected semantic core, high-quality thematic SEO articles are written. When creating content, first of all, you need to focus on the visitor and evaluate what real benefit the information provided will bring.

SEO promotion of an online store is a rather complicated process that must take into account a lot of factors.

Naturally, there is always a question about the budget, since not everyone is ready to spend a lot of money on a website.

Therefore, Netpeak Software has developed a strategy that allows you to attract as many customers as possible, because there are a large number of tariff plans that suit different target groups and businesses. And the use of the desktop crawler will make the analytics clearer and more extensive, which will allow you to work on bugs and fix problems that hinder development in the future.

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